Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Didn't I Do This Years Ago?!!!

I wish I had've known about Paleo lifestyle years ago. I feel absolutely incredible right now and have all the energy in the world to do whatever I want! I no longer feel flat and tired after I eat - I could go for a run even after a filling meal. On top of all of that, the food is just amazing - so fresh and delicious! I'm tasting things like it's the first time foods have ever passed my lips! I am eating foods that I never used to like and all my favourite fresh foods taste even more amazing than they used to.

I am eating to satiate my hunger - no more calorie counting and yet my fat percentage is dropping like nothing else while my lean body mass continues to grow. I am no longer training for hours at a time (chronic cardio!!), instead I am doing short under 45 minute sessions and my progress is amazing! 3 days ago I couldn't hold myself up on a chin-up bar and today I held myself with my chin over the bar for 10 seconds!

I am absolutely hooked on this lifestyle. I have told my friends and family and they have all been supportive. I don't even have ANY desire to touch non-Paleo food anymore. Even when I bake cookies or brownies for work (yes, I still bake because I enjoy it!), I don't even lick my fingers when a smear of cookie batter gets on them!

So the next step? I am really keen to do power lifting (squats/chest press/dead lift) and I've found a PT near me who also runs a CrossFit Box. I am going to book in to have a few 1-on-1 sessions with him to get my technique 100% before I start lifting heavy, with a view to join his Box in the near future. I am so excited! It's time to get STRONG! 

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