Monday, October 8, 2012


I returned to BodyPump last week, after many months off and after the initial DOMS, I am now recovering really well after each session. I'm going twice per week to BodyPump, with cardio sessions the rest of the 4-5 days in the week.

Today, I felt I really achieved something though - I upped my chest, triceps and biceps weights! Amazingly I did really well with the weights. Of course, it was painful, but I still managed to finish the tracks. It makes me wonder how long I've been selling myself short for! Better now than never, I guess!

Meanwhile, I've been on holidays and obviously became distracted and not updated the blog. I have increased my training and my intake has been faaaaaairly good, with a few issues here and there. In the last week or so I've really become determined to get my body and my life back in order and the weight is falling off! Best of all, I feel fantastic.

I hope everyone else is travelling well. Remember - two steps forward, one step back still gets you to your destination.

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