Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Training Summary - 07/05/12 - 13/05/12 (Week 1 Pre-Season)

What a week! I had a goal in mind this week - to reach a PB of number of calories burned in a week. The number? 6,000! And I did it! :)

Here's what the week looked like -

Lots of walking, Pump, CxWorx (love this class!!) and spin!

I felt like I had a bit of an injury coming on at the beginning of the week, so I put in a rest day on Wednesday and took it easy on Thursday. Everything feels good now and I am back in the groove!

Total calories burned: 6,224 calories
Total food: 8,860 calories
Weekly BMR: 11,270 calories
Total deficit: 8,634 calories


Abby said...

Wow - great blog! I love all the gadgets like the virtual weight loss model and that you can enter your training diary and especially that you linked to my blog. Even though it is somewhat dull in comparison!

Very insprirational that you've had such great results even if they aren't on the scales. That would often dishearten me, or I wouldn't even look at my measurements so I think from now on I certainly will :)

Terra said...

Thanks Abby :)