Monday, May 7, 2012

SSS and a new calorie record!

It's 3pm and I am fading fast! I absolutely SMASHED myself this morning and I think I might need to go take a nap!!!

It all started with a 615am wake-up call and the dogs and I were out on our walk by 630am! We trekked our way around the neighbourhood until it was time to go to the gym. 7.5km later we were done!

At the gym, I started off with RPM and boy, oh boy! What a ripper of a workout it was! Every time I go to Spin classes now, I really feel empowered and aim to finish up with nothing left in the tank! Today the instructor took us through a 'bonus' track, which is always great!

Following RPM, I hit the treadmill while waiting for my next class to start. I fit in 3.5km and a bit of a stretch.

Then it was BodyPump time! I already felt pretty fatigued and my back was tired, but in true 12WBT form, I shut out the voices in my head questioning whether I should do the class. Thankfully I went, because it was a great workout! I used my maximum weights for every track and didn't pike at any point to 'take a quick rest' during the sets. I went HARD and surprisingly, I think it's time to up my weights again!!!

Currently I'm lifting:
Squats: 15kg
Chest: 7.5kg
Back: 12.5kg
Triceps: 7.5kg
Biceps: 7.5kg
Squats: 12.5kg
Shoulders 1.25kg/arm (I know, I know, pretty terrible!)

So how many calories did I burn?

Two-thousand, four-hundred and thirty-one!!!!!!!!



That's a new record for me!

Another record today is this!!! Check that out!! My flexibility is improving so much!!! 

I have refuelled, watched Task 1 of Pre-Season and am about to sit down and write about my excuses. My brain is quite sluggish right now, so I may have to come back to it once I've had a good rest!!!


This is what I ate after the gym... Sooo yum!

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Janie D said...

phew Terra! I did pump this morning too - but didn't hit anywhere near that cal count!! You deserve a little nap! Has challenged me to put my weights up a bit though :)