Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reflection - How Very Far I've Come!

I was going back into the archives of this blog and was reading about my running escapades back in 2007! At the time I was doing a lot of beep tests and so I have a few records of my VO2 max back then.

And wow - I have certainly come a long way since then!

In March 2007 when I decided to take up running, my VO2 max was 27, which sits in the "poor" range. I hadn't been doing much exercise except for some mountain biking, but I would always really struggle with hills and much preferred Downhilling!

Today my VO2 max at 63 (according to the Polar Fitness Test), which is "elite"! It's funny to think that back in 2007 I thought I was pretty fit. If only that me could see where I am now! It's moments like this that I can see the benefit of blogging!

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