Friday, May 11, 2012

Leaning to Train, Not Strain

As you've probably noticed from my previous posts about exercise, you can probably tell that I am a bit addicted to exercise! It's my favourite part of the day and once I get started, I really struggle to know when to stop (marathon runner in the making?!!). 

The problem with that is that I don't listen to my body when it says it needs a break. I push too hard sometimes and I end up injured.  

Cue a few days ago when I smashed out about 3,200 calories over Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday I knew I had done something to my knee after developing posterior (back of) knee pain at work. I could barely walk on my leg! So I swapped out my rest days and took it easy on Wednesday. Yesterday I was still a bit sore, so again I didn't go to my usual spin class and instead just used my night at dog training doing short explosive sprints (the only running I allow myself) as my own training session. 

And yeah okay, I probably could've gone to the gym and done some upper body weight work, but on the flipside, I think I just need to learn when to take it easy! Which brings us to today where instead of the 2.5 hour session I had planned I just did 1 hour. I left the gym wanting more and boy was it a struggle to walk out of there! I just have to tell myself it's for the best, so I can bring it harder for tomorrow's SSS. 

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