Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fitness Summary 30/04/2012 - 06/05/2012

Another week of training done and dusted! This is how it went... 

As you can see, lots of spin, walking and Pump! I have worked Thursday to Sunday this week, which is why I've just stuck to walking the dogs. I haven't been burning 500 cals/day over the weekend, but pretty close to it (~400 cals). For the week I ended up burning 5,259cals, which is well above the 3,500 cals required in 12WBT, so I'm not overly fussed about being 100 cals below the daily goal.

I've finished my 'on' shifts for the week now and have a couple of days off, so I'll be back in the gym tomorrow morning for the start of Pre-Season! Tomorrow will be a 4-6km walk with the dogs, heading to the gym for RPM, walk on the treadmill and then BodyPump. I'm looking forward to it!

I'm also really looking forward to Pre-Season starting! Bring it on!!!

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