Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday and some interesting stats!

I absolutely SMASHED myself this week. Weights galore, high resistance in spin class and lots of calories burned (total 5949 in the week). I ate the cleanest I have ever eaten in my life! I have now cut out all processed foods and feel absolutely amazing! My body feels smaller and I feel stronger and happier!

Yet when I jumped on the scales this morning I was shocked!


Umm... But that's a GAIN of 1.3kg?!!! How is that even possible?!

I decided to think rationally about this and got out my tape measure. Sure enough - the results were there in another form.

Measurements (comparison to last week at 77.7kg)
Chest: 99cm (-3cm) 
Waist: 78cm (-3cm)
Belly button: 87cm (-1cm) 
Hips: 104cm (-1cm)
Thighs: 96cm (-2cm) 
Arm: 29.5cm (-0.5cm) 

And the real kicker...

Body Fat Percentage: 29.2% (-1.8%) 
Lean Body Mass: 56kg (+3.0kg!!!!!) 

So next time you get disappointed about your weight results... Try measuring progress in other ways!

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