Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rewards and HRM's

When I started 12WBT last year, I bought a second-hand Polar RS100 and since then I haven't done a workout without it! I am absolutely addicted to tracking my HR and calories burned! It really helps me to push myself and to be more aware of my body when I'm training. I bought the cheapest model (for running) just in case I didn't use it... But now I feel like I have outgrown the base model. 

So I bought this today...

It's the Polar RS300xsd with foot pod! It won't be delivered until next week, but I am extremely excited about the new features with this upgrade!

My biggest issue with the RS100 was that it only saved the last workout. This was a problem when I was doing multi-sport activities, such as Pump + RPM + Weights in the one session, but wanted to capture data individually for each activity. That meant that I had to take photos of the data with my phone before I reset it for the next activity. The RS300x saves the last 16 workouts!!!!! Just this little tiny feature will change my world! Yeewww!

The other extremely cool functions are the foot pod and optional GPS! It's unfortunate that I'm not able to run at the moment to try it out, but that's something to look forward to once I'm back into it.

Happy training!!

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