Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Orthotics and stuff

I had my first ever podiatrist appointment today and it was certainly enlightening!

To put it in a nutshell -- my feet are "extremely unstable". Great.

It was fascinating watching while my feet and legs were measured down to the millimetre! I even got a little excited when told to RUN! That's the most running I've done in weeks! Have you ever run on a treadmill barefoot before? It's an experience, let me tell you! It lasted only about a minute but despite the lack of footwear, I enjoyed every second!

The verdict is that I need to have orthotics to support my arch and correct the posture of my feet, so I'll be going back to get those fitted soon. I'm still not supposed to run until I have the orthotics, so the cycling and rowing continues. Hopefully I'll be back into running in time to enter a warm-up event for City2Surf! 

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