Monday, April 16, 2012

No tear...

But still no good. 

As requested by my podiatrist, I had an ultrasound of my peroneous brevis and longus today to make sure I don't have a tear in one of my tendons. Thankfully I don't, but there's a lot of fluid (suggesting inflammation) around my peroneous longus, almost 5 weeks on from my initial injury. Great. My foot has flared up the last couple of days and the only change I made was only strapping for workouts. So I guess it's back to my morning ritual and strutting around all day in my fashionable foot accessory.

The unfortunate thing is 6 weeks is coming up fast. I was hoping to be back into it by then, but things aren't working out that way and my hopes for running the local half-marathon in June have well and truly faded. I can only cross my fingers that I'll be okay to do the 12km run instead, but if my current progress is anything to go by, I'll be on the sidelines for that one, too. It's really disappointing and I feel lost without my running. It's my stress reliever... My place where I go when I need a break from the world... Or when I'm bored... I am struggling without it. I am trying my hardest to eat clean and push on, but I'm finding it really difficult. I need to be able to stretch my legs and clear my head. Spin classes are helping to lessen the blow, but it's just not the same.

But sometimes in life these are the cards you're dealt and you just need to get on with it. I just have to be patient (and buy shares in Leukoplast!)

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Janie D said...

That's the spirit - shares in Leukoplast!! love it! But sorry to hear its' going to be a longer recovery.