Friday, April 27, 2012

New HRM and VO2 max

Yahoo! My new HRM arrived today! I am extremely excited and will be testing it out tomorrow at Spin and Boxing. My first thoughts are that of LOVE!

One feature of the RS300x that is really handy is a fitness test, which estimates your VO2 max from your resting heart rate. I decided to do the test tonight and I almost laughed when I saw the result! It said "elite".

Me? Elite fitness?

Are you sure?!

But sure enough, my VO2 Mac was 51, just within the elite fitness range for my age and gender (>49). I'm impressed! I certainly don't feel like I have fitness levels that warrant that title. In my mind I'm still quite unfit! I guess my mind needs to catch up to my body.

Meanwhile, I'll blog tomorrow about my thoughts on my new HRM. So far, so good!

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