Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hungry for Change and Loving Life!

If I could live at the gym and exercise all day, every day - I would. Man, I feel so good!

I hit the gym this morning, with a goal of 1,000 calories. I rocked up to 45-minute RPM class and really gave it my all today! I absolutely KILLED it! I think I pushed harder during the entire class than I ever have! And the best part was, the instructor offered to continue the class to 1-hour for those who were keen! I had burned 830 calories in the hour and so only had 170 to go!

I jumped on the Elliptical for 10 minutes and voila! 1,000 calories!

Meanwhile, I came across a website this morning called Hungry For Change and I just finished watching the Hungry for Change documentary. It was so profound! If you haven't seen it, I strongly urge you to! For those on 12WBT, it will really resonate and hopefully help you to make even better decisions about what you're putting into your body.

It speaks a lot about processed foods and in particular, sugar and how eating those foods is a recipe for disaster. It's no surprise - how can food that can sit on a shelf for years be good for you? One thing that really stood out to me was the discussion on sugar and how it is addictive. I have personally experienced this and now make a concerted effort to avoid eating any food with added sugar.

"Obesity is not a problem, it is a solution"
Emotional eating is a band-aid solution to the stressors or other issues in our lives. I am an emotional eater and I have really struggled to get away from that. I started a food and thoughts diary and the results were quite shocking, which leads on to the next point.

"If you're upset, don't eat"
If I was feeling stressed, tired or emotional, I would eat HUGE amounts of food in comparison to when I was feeling happy and alive! It's a short term "solution" that puts you into a downward spiral. I have stopped covering my emotions with food and now FEEL them and acknowledge their presence!

I won't spoil the rest of the documentary for those who haven't seen it, but for me, it was the last little push that I needed to make the finer adjustments to what I'm putting into my mouth. It's time to do another kitchen clean-out and get rid of all this man-made processed crap! My diet is already pretty clean and healthy - I eat huge amounts of vegetables every day (2 x massive bowls of salads every day) with lean protein, but now it's time to get rid of all the pasta sauces, the rice crackers, the cereals... It's all full of crap that my body doesn't need. Yes, it may be more convenient, but it's wasted calories with very little nutritional benefit. And when you're eating only 1200 calories per day, you need to make each calorie count! 

Which would you rather eat?


Or this??? 

Just looking at the first picture makes me sick! YUCK!

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