Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter slip!

So yesterday I had a bit of a slip. I was really stressed with everything going on at the moment and even though I'd been at the gym for 2 hours (double spin class) to try and let out some of my emotions, I reached for food by the end of the day. Stupid mistake! I ate several mini chocolate eggs. And boy did I feel sick afterwards. I don't think I'll be eating chocolate again for a very long time!

Unfortunately I don't think the scales will be tipped in my favour this week now, but we live and learn! Today was my rest day but I did a light session this morning (250cals) and I've set myself a 1500 calorie challenge for tomorrow to lessen the damage I've done.

Tomorrow's training session will be:
Cycle... Until I reach 1500 cals (or more if I feel like it!)

Now off to go visit my family for Easter. I don't think I'll be eating much today!

Weigh-in in 3 days...!

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