Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This was not the news I was wanting to hear...

After being in denial about my foot for the past two weeks, I finally realised it wasn't getting any better and admitted that I should probably get real and have it looked at. I was hoping that it wasn't a stress fracture, but knew that if it wasn't, it meant that I had injured some ligaments - likely my peroneous given the location of the pain.

The verdict from both my physio and my doc - "You've injured your peroneous brevis and longus tendons..." and the part I really didn't want to hear - "there will be no running for 6 weeks". I wanted to cry! Thankfully my physio was my saviour and gave me the golden news that I am allowed to keep up my fitness with rowing, swimming and cycling (within pain limits). 

With an overuse injury on board, I really need to re-evaluate my training schedule to try to minimise the potential of this happening again. And I need orthotics. Apparently I over-pronate on that same foot, which contributed to the injury. Fabulous.

So where to from here? I have a complete ban on running until I see the sports podiatrist in 2 weeks. Once I have the orthotics I may be allowed to introduce some short runs into the mix and see how it goes, it'll be up to them. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I will be designing a new training schedule of RPM, boxing, swimming and BodyPump! Time to crack open the diary!

Calories In: 1150
Calories out: 150

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