Thursday, March 22, 2012

Task 7

Task 7 - Organise and Diarise

Alrighty! This is my favourite task! I absolutely love organising my life and that's probably what has saved me the last few months from complete ruin!! The problem is that with my work at the moment, having a schedule that is rigid just doesn't work. I might be SCHEDULED to finish work at 430pm, but the reality is that I could leave work anywhere between 430pm and 9pm! The nature of my work is that I can't just 'leave it until tomorrow' and you never really know what type of day it's going to be. Take yesterday for an example, where we were going really well all day and at 4.15pm we were just finishing off the final touches for the day when an emergency happened and we ended up leaving at 6pm.

So a lot of the time I intend to get to a specific class at the gym after work, but I often don't make it. This means that I need to have a Plan B or instead make sure that I exercise before work.

I've now scheduled the next 8 weeks of my life... A typical week looks like this -

Or this... 

As you can see, when I'm working odd hours that aren't around 9-5, I am much better able to get to classes and fit in training! I much prefer working weird hours!

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