Friday, March 30, 2012

Night time munchies

Why is it that I want to eat crap at night when I get home from work? All day I had resisted the extremely sugary baked goods surrounding me on the ward (I didn't even have a taste of the Anzac cookies I had made for all the nurses!!!)... I politely declined all the chocolate offered to me... I didn't even have a hot drink from the cafe!

And then I got home and started eating mindlessly! *face plant*! It's like as soon as I get home my mind does a complete flip and I just lose it!

I need to get a grip!!

Meanwhile I am still in a world of pain from the Pump class! Tomorrow I will be going to the gym to do my first RPM class after being cleared by my physio, so it'll be interesting! My foot is actually doing really well now that I am strapping it daily. I can walk normally now and I have very little pain for most of the day. Progress!

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