Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exercise Alternatives

I'm a real cardio girl and I'm really frustrated at the moment as I can hardly walk, let alone go for a run right now. My foot is still injured and at this rate it is not looking like it will be getting better any time soon. So what can I do for exercise? I thought I would make a list of every activity that doesn't involve my feet...

- Sit-ups
- Upper body weights
- Planks (on one foot)
- Pushups (on one foot or knees)
- Skipping rope (hopping)
- Boxing
- Kayaking

Anyone have any other suggestions? 

Meanwhile, I think I need to make myself more accountable for my actions. I need to start writing on this blog every day how many calories I consumed and how many I burned during exercise. Without that I think I will lose my focus. I've been really good with my meals the last few days but when it gets to the evening, around 7pm, my inner-Labrador comes out and boy does he have a taste for sugar! I know that it was really hard to break the habit and the addiction to sugar when I started 12WBT last year and I know that it will be difficult this time as well, but it will hopefully be a little easier knowing what lies on the other side! Although I completed the kitchen task, I didn't throw out the base ingredients used to make cookies, cakes and desserts... That means that I can make (and have made...) anything and everything from Anzac biscuits to custard to self-saucing chocolate pudding! I finally woke up to what was happening and got out the bin and said goodbye to the custard powder, dates, flour, cocoa powder... I don't need them in the kitchen anymore - I really shouldn't be making anything like that! I find baking really therapeutic, particularly when I can't release my stress by going for a long run but I will just have to get creative and release the tension other ways...

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