Thursday, March 22, 2012


After my 10km run on the weekend, I've been out of action. I've hurt my foot in some obscure way and it hurts to weight-bear. I was on crutches on Monday night after work and despite my better judgement went to work without them yesterday, spending the whole day limping on my leg (crutches and my work are not really compatible!) but now I've paid the price and my foot is even more painful. So, I've taken my boss's advice and I'm at home resting.

Rather than spending the whole day watching daytime TV and wasting it away, I decided to review the 12WBT pre-season tasks. I know that I have let a lot of excuses creep in, particularly with my eating and I've just let everything slide. So I am busy organising and diarising... And will be getting the shock of my life when I measure up again for the first time since December... Ouch.

I'll post the tasks throughout the day...

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