Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back into it!

After getting clearance to start training again, I drove to the gym tonight with excitement! Although I was given the okay to cycle, I decided I should probably take it easy on my ankle and do a Pump class instead. I am now in a world of pain!!! The good sort!

I realised it has been about 3 months since I've done a Pump class! Unfortunately there are only a couple of Pump classes per week run at my new gym and I've never really had the opportunity to go until tonight! It was such a tough class - I felt every rep! We did the new release (81) and even though I took a little bit off my usual weights, my legs were like jelly part-way through the squat track! It felt great to be back though and my foot felt fine throughout most of the class with a few modifications. I'm working on a varying roster from next week so I should have more opportunities to attend the Pump classes and build back my strength!

Food-wise I have been doing so well. I'm really proud of my choices and have stuck to my 1200 cals for the last few days 100% and not eaten any sugary crap!

Calories in: 1170
Calories out: 500

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