Monday, February 13, 2012

When the body says "no!"

But the mind says "yes". That was what happened this morning.

It was 5am and the alarm went off for me to get to my RPM class. I instantly had a moment of, "I need to go back to sleep", but I realised after a few moments that I was wide awake so decided I was just making excuses.

The walk up the stairs to the gym was a struggle. I knew something was not quite right, but I was there - so I went to class. I am usually prepared to flog myself and my heart rate usually peaks to 185 but today I couldn't handle anywhere close to my normal bike resistance and my heart rate only reached a lazy 170. I hit a wall and just couldn't push any harder.

The rest of the day was a complete struggle. I felt like I was stuck in 1st gear - unable to move my body at a normal pace and I physically struggled with the simplest of tasks. My patients are lucky I didn't have to do any procedures today!

I should've listened to my body. I had a massive weekend (gym session Saturday morning, cycling Saturday afternoon, RPM sunday morning followed by rock climbing and then a basketball game Sunday night) and I think it was a bit too much to follow it up this morning with more RPM.

So I am resting now and I will decide in the morning whether to go to the gym or whether to take the day off. Sometimes it's not about making excuses - it's about looking after yourself.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm still alive

I have moved to a new town and I've started my new job. The hours are horrendous at times (but not as bad as you would expect for my occupation) and so have been actually able to get to the gym during the week. I found that going before work was the best time as my finishing time is so variable (from finishing on time to staying back up to 4 hours!).

The move and upset of my routine has taken it's toll and I have put on a few kilos. It's not ideal and I have been battling with my mentality recently so that I can return to my previous lifestyle and mindset. I think I've finally got there after a week or two of swinging from being 100% perfect with my food through to binging on crap. This is nothing new to me and I often compare it in my mind to quitting smoking or some other lifestyle change - you have to be in the right mindset or it's not going to work. So I'm there now... I'm feeling good and I am taking each meal and each day at a time.

I've reviewed my training and my goals and I've made a few changes.

Training-wise I've been doing a LOT of spin classes. Almost daily! Where I've moved, they don't have the same number of classes or availability of my favourite classes, but there is a massive selection of spin classes! This isn't such a bad thing - I LOVE spin and so I have been going at least 4 days a week. It has also made me consider buying a road bike. I'm not one to go for skinny tyres (I'm a mountain biker and have never ridden a road bike in my life!)! But it's something I'm thinking about..

The downside of doing so many spin classes is that I have all but stopped training for my half-marathon. My last run was three weeks ago and I have to say that I'm not missing it! I'm planning to start back up next week in addition to the spin classes though and it'll be interesting to see how the body holds up with two training sessions most days. In saying that, I might hold off on the half mara plans until the end of the year. I need to have a look at what's coming up but I think it's probably better for me to aim for more regular shorter runs before I go for the big one!

New goal weight: 65kg