Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Success

Usually at Christmas, I over eat. I think most people do. This year I had other plans. I was going to eat sensibly and listen to my body and I'm so glad I did. Instead of feeling disgustingly full on Christmas Eve (we celebrate a day early), I felt fresh and awesome the whole night and the next morning. I politely declined the ice-cream, fruit cake, fruit, chocolates, spirits and lollies after dinner and only drank 1 glass of wine the whole day/night. I ate small amounts of a select few dishes and stopped eating when I knew I had eaten enough.

On Christmas Day I woke up and went for a 7km run along the beaches and it felt amazing! When I got back, everyone was eating waffles for breakfast. Again, I declined, also knowing that we were about to head off to the beach (for the first time in my life I wasn't self conscious in my bikini!). This was then followed by leftovers from last night and again, I didn't over eat. So tonight I feel exactly the same as any other day of the week! Perfect!

Unfortunately my family decided it was an appropriate time to start telling me how 'skinny' I am now and even told me to put on a few kgs! Apparently I starved myself at Christmas because I didn't stuff my face with food. There were shocked faces when I told them my BMI was within the normal range (20.7). I was quite shocked that my family would gang up on me like that. I look fit, healthy and strong; better than I've ever looked in my entire life and apparently that's unhealthy?! It saddens me as a health care professional that the public's views of what is 'healthy' is so skewed! No wonder we have such an obese population - people think it's normal!

In the end, I was assertive and reassured my family that I preferred they use the word 'fit' when describing my appearance and that I would not be 'putting on a few kgs'. I asked them what gaining weight would accomplish in terms of my health and no one was able to give me a decent answer.

So, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have had an excellent day!

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Anonymous said...

GO NIK.... GO GO GO!!!
7km run on Christmas morning... NICE one!!
Giving your family a gentle and affirming response to their projection on to you.... VERY NICE !!!
Well done.
So happy for you!