Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 12 Weigh-in

Wow, I can't believe we are in Week 12! It has absolutely flown by!

For the first time in a while, I was excited to jump on the scales and even more excited when I saw what they read... 71.8kg!!! That's 900g above my lowest in the last 3 months, which is amazing considering how long I was being stupid with food! I am now within 5kg of my ultimate goal weight again. In saying that, if I was told I wasn't allowed to lose any more weight, I would be totally happy to strut around in a bikini looking the way I do right now! Bring on summer!

More importantly though, I feel in control again. I eat when I'm hungry. I eat sensible-sized portions. I choose good, wholesome food even when I'm eating out. I am the better version of me. :)

I'll be doing my final measurements and the fitness test on the weekend. I don't know how I'm going to improve on my 4:28 run or my 10:31 wall sit, but you never know what I might pull out of the bag!

Congratulations to everyone for getting to Week 12!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My inner teenager

What a journey I have been on in the past month and a half. I went from within 3.8kg of my goal weight, to having a massive spazz out with food a couple of days before my exams. Unfortunately I didn't really recover from that and just completely went back to old habits (and worse!). I kept up the exercise but food-wise I just ate anything and everything, without a care of what I was doing to myself.

It has been an interesting psychological journey and I have discovered so many things about myself and my relationship with food. The moment I get stressed I can feel myself gravitate to the kitchen like a heavy weight dropping to earth! I have that back in check now, but I let it rule me for a little while. But then it wasn't about the stress anymore and I turned into a rebellious teenager who didn't care about the consequences of her actions and who would eat what she liked, when she liked! I would be driving home from work and thinking of all the things that I could eat when I got home. I would wake up in the mornings regretting my food choices of the day before, but by the afternoon I was making those same poor decisions again! I even stopped going on the 12WBT forums and didn't watch any of the videos for a few weeks, because I didn't WANT to be brought back into line... I had convinced myself that it didn't matter what I ate - that there would be no consequences!

Thankfully, after battling with this for several weeks I am now looking after myself again. I started watching the videos from the past few weeks and I remember Mish saying that it is okay to make mistakes because that's when you learn the most about yourself. And boy have I ever! I think mostly the reason for what I was doing to myself is because deep down I didn't think that I deserved to get to my goal... That I loved food more than caring for myself. But I was wrong and I DO deserve to get there. I know that I can and I have made some great food choices and I LOVED how healthy I was feeling and how much of a difference it made to my well-being and attitude! If anything, the past month and a half have made me realise how crappy I feel when I eat badly! It's amazing how good nutrition can make such a difference!

So I have chosen to go back to making the right decisions for me. My passion is back and I have locked that evil teenager back where she belongs. She may come out in the future again, but I know that I have the skills and the knowledge to put her back in her place as soon as she comes knocking at the door.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

10km Smashed!

This morning I headed over to Sydney Olympic Park to take part in the Rebel Sport 10km Run4Fun! It was to be the first time I had run 10km in over 2 years and the first time I had run more than 5km for 7 weeks! My goal was to run the 10km in under 75 minutes. I knew that was a fairly easy goal, but I didn't know how my knee would cope.

I shouldn't have worried! Sure, my knee gave me a little bit of grief during the run, but it certainly wasn't a barrier to me completing the race. The heat on the other hand, was torture. I remember at two points in the race I felt a little faint from the heat, but I managed to push through. Because of that, I stopped at every drink station and so wasted a little bit of time.

The race started to hurt at about 6km, but that's understandable seeing as I've been stopping at 5km recently. In particular, the 8th km was quite heavy and in hindsight I should've switched up my rhythm to get myself going at a better pace, because I clearly had quite a bit of gas in the tank when I ran my fastest split in the last km!

In the end, my official time was 01:02:51! SO close to sub-60 minutes!!!!! But well and truly within my goal of 75 min!

My splits were:
Lap 1:  00:06:04 AvHR 163
Lap 2:  00:05:45 AvHR 173
Lap 3:  00:05:58 AvHR 181
Lap 4:  00:06:24 AvHR 184
Lap 5:  00:06:10 AvHR 185
Lap 6:  00:06:51 AvHR 182
Lap 7:  00:06:31 AvHR 185
Lap 8:  00:06:38 AvHR 187
Lap 9:  00:07:00 AvHR 188
Lap 10: 00:05:11 AvHR 185

I placed in the top 50% of the pack, the top 35% of the female runners and in the top 400 of the female runners my age!

I had a nice moment once I had reached the finish line when a girl came up to me and said that she had been running behind me the whole race and that I had kept her going!

Overall, I am really happy with my results and how the run felt, though being so close to <60 min, I wish I pushed myself that little bit harder! But with the heat, I don't know that would've been a good idea!!! It will be interesting to see how I pull up tomorrow.