Saturday, October 1, 2011


Wow... I am feeling pretty tired and beat up right now! I did my usual SSS today, but I wasn't feeling as 'fresh' as usual!

ABF, OAF and I did a late night training session last night (8pm-10pm) of Michelle Bridge's toning DVD followed by an hour of "Just Dance 2" on Wii. I never realised what a good workout you could have with a dance game! It was absolutely hilarious but a lot of fun! A nice change from my usual workouts! I was a bit disappointed with Mish's DVD - I only burned 250 calories, which is pretty pathetic for 45 minutes work! Even my toning sessions with Nike Training Club burn about 400 cals. By the end of the Mish's workout though, it was a struggle to 'dance' with my arms! Thanks Mish!

On top of that, I didn't get much sleep. I was still on a high even by the time the girls left so I decided to stay up and watch a TV series on DVD for a couple of hours. That meant I only had 5 hours sleep before hitting the gym...

BodyCombat today was so much better than last week. Our usual instructor was back and it certainly makes a difference with him there! He really pushes you to dig deep and give all you've got! I absolutely adore the class and it makes for a great stress reliever! I can do the whole class now without feeling uncoordinated and I have learned all the tracks and their combinations, so it is getting much easier to put 100% into the movements rather than work out what you're actually supposed to be doing!

BodyPump was great! It was with the same instructor as Combat and I enjoyed the class that little bit more! He really does make you push yourself and the class is really enjoyable! I knew that Pump was going to be a bit of a struggle after last night so I decided to go easy on the arm tracks. I really pushed myself in the leg tracks though!

Squats 15kg (=)
Chest 2.5kg (-5kg)
Back 5kg (-5kg)
Triceps 2.5kg (=)
Biceps 5kg (-2.5kg)
Lunges 12.5kg (=)
Shoulder 2.5kg/arm (=)
Abs 5kg (=) 

BodyAttack was a struggle. I'm getting a bit sick of the class actually - I'm not a massive fan of aerobics style movements - I would rather be doing something functional rather than bouncing up and down! I still did it though, but I think this will be one of my last weeks - I will look for something else a little more 'me'.

Calories burned: 
BodyCombat: 650
BodyPump: 400
BodyAttack: 500 

Total calories burned: 1568

My Polar Personal Trainer diary is now yelling at me not to exercise for two days... Sorry! I will be training whether you like it or not! Tomorrow is an active recovery session (swimming) and Monday will be back to business! 

I am currently planning my Week 4 Mini-Milestone workout. My current thoughts are to do my usual SSS triple class and backing it up with the 8km run, 20km ride and a 2000m row. It might sound a little insane, but considering I do the triple class every week, I figure I really need to do something extra on top of it! I won't be stupid about it though - If I do decide to go ahead with that plan, I won't be doing anything strenuous on the Friday - just a very light BodyBalance class and if I am about to fall off the equipment, I will stop!

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