Monday, October 24, 2011


You would think that after I gained 2kg last week that this week would be super dooper clean. That would be the sensible thing to do - get straight back into it and get rid of that extra weight. But I haven't been doing that.

I have had a hard time adjusting to having nothing to do. I have gone from 16-hour days stuck at my desk studying, with all this stress flowing through my body with 100 other things to do.... To being on holidays with absolutely no responsibilities aside from getting myself up in the morning and feeding the dogs. My days are empty and I have stupidly been filling them with eating. Emotionally I have had some pretty low moments. I was on a major high after we finished exams and now I have basically come crashing down, because there is really no other direction to go!

There was some boredum eating, some depressed eating, some "why not?!" eating... I really had fallen to pieces! I didn't even exercise for THREE DAYS! I was 'active', but not once did I put my HRM on during that time to put in a good session. It's just down right pathetic, considering I managed to find the time during all that study to go to the gym and now that I am home 24/7, I had been feeding myself stupid excuses like, "but the class I want to do isn't on during the day". SERIOUSLY? Since when are classes the only way to exercise?! Get your running shoes on and get out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, pathetic. 

So today I made the change. I hit the gym and did a back-to-back double of BodyPump and BodyAttack. Unfortunately I had to cut the BodyAttack short thanks to an inconvenient nose bleed about 40 minutes in! On a happier note, I upped my triceps weights tonight and it felt fine. A small achievement.

My workouts for the week are all planned out and I have gone from eating, eating, eating to having to force myself to get the 1200 cals in during the day.

Let's start again... 

Calories burned: 922

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