Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Record!

I hit the gym tonight - BECAUSE I CAN! I am SO excited about the membership! I was allowing myself a single casual visit each week for SSS, but now I can rock up to the gym any time I want! Multiple times a day! And it's costing me LESS per week than a single visit was! Yeaaaaaaaah!

So what did I do at the gym? BODYCOMBAT!!! My favourite class! It wasn't with the awesome instructor dude, but knowing that I didn't have two classes to follow made me really smash it out! My arms are sore and I feel awesome!

It paid off too, with a PB calorie burn of 700 calories for that class! Wooooooo! I was tempted to follow it up with a spin class, but decided that I shouldn't push it considering how I've been feeling lately and because of the big event on the Saturday... Mini-Milestone time!!!

Tomorrow I'm going back and trying out BodyBalance for the first time... Hopefully I'll find it nice and relaxing!

Calories burned: 724

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