Sunday, September 4, 2011

Task #7 - Organise and Diarise

Let me first say that I am an organisation freak. 

With that understanding, I have to confess that I LOVE this task! So much that I actually did this task before pre-season started without even realising it was something we had to do!

I have exams coming up for my final year of uni, so I had scheduled in all my study sessions and uni time. My life is very hectic and busy at the best of times, with uni 45 hours per week, studying an additional 10-20 hours per week, competing in dog sports on the weekends and trying to have a life - there isn't much time left for much else! So out of necessity I had put in the times that I thought I would be able to sneak in a workout. I am determined to squeeze it all in!

One more task to go... Measure Up! Bring it on!!!!!

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