Saturday, September 3, 2011

Task #6 - Kitchen Makeover

I had already done a kitchen makeover several weeks ago, so I didn't really have much to do for this task! I did climb into the cupboards though and found some cordial hiding up the back (which I haven't touched in almost a year!) and some microwave popcorn which both swiftly found a new home in the bin!

When I originally did the task, there was not really much to throw out! Before November last year, I used to eat a LOT of McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (almost daily!!!). Once I realised how much I was relying on take-away for my everyday meals, it was a catalyst for the start of my No-Junk-November that resulted in me losing several kilos just by banning myself from the drive-through!

So since November, my diet has been fairly good, it's just that my portion sizes were large and I would stress-eat a fair bit! Of course I would eat the odd chocolate bar or ice-cream, but on the whole the quality of the food I was putting in my mouth was good! I would eat LOTS of freshly prepared meals packed with veges or with salad.

My biggest downfall was cheese. I absolutely LOVE cheese and crackers! Throw in some dip and I would be in heaven! Until recently I didn't realise how many calories were in cheese - I used to think I was having a 'healthy' meal when I sat down with some cheese and tomato crackers! Healthy? Maybe. Low calorie? Definitely not!!! Things have changed since then and I have found a new love for feta, ricotta and cottage cheese (all low fat, of course). I do have the odd piece of cheese, but that's all it is - a PIECE of cheese! Not half a block!

There are only two more tasks left for pre-season... Organising and diarising (I LOVE the sound of this task! I am an organisation FREAK!) and measuring up! I am not so keen about the thought of the last one, but it will be interesting to compare to my previous photos and measurements from 12 August!

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