Saturday, September 24, 2011


Super Saturday Session today! 

I finished uni yesterday (WOOOHOOOO!!!) and I had a great time celebrating last night with ABF! No booze, no bad food - just a yummy Mish recipe (chicken with mustard sauce - YUM!) followed by movies with no snacks.

After a relative sleep-in, I headed off to the gym for a repeat of last week's SSS - BodyCombat, BodyPump and BodyAttack. I planned to smash myself today, harder than I did last week. And I did! Unfortunately though, my fitness levels and weight loss mean that I burned less calories despite thrashing myself! But I am taking that as a good thing!

BodyCombat: 600 calories
BodyPump: 400 calories
BodyAttack: 600 calories

Total burned: 1691 (with stretches and a short treadmill walk to cool down).

I upped my BodyPump weights again this week, so now I am doing:
Squats track: 15kg (+5kg)
Chest track: 7.5kg (+2.5kg)
Back track: 10kg (+5kg)
Triceps track: 2.5kg (=)
Biceps track: 7.5kg (+2.5kg)
Lunge track: 12.5kg (+7.5kg)
Shoulder track: 2.5kg/arm (=)
Abs track: 5kg 

I feel like I am at my limits with the weights now. Each track I think that I might struggle to finish the set! I will keep going at these weights for 3-4 weeks and then think about increasing.

Now to go and hit the books... Exams are in 2 weeks! Let the study coma (with appropriate breaks for fitness training!) begin!!!!

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