Monday, September 12, 2011

Small or Extra-Small?

This morning I decided that it was about time I bought some new workout clothes. My current tights are becoming quite loose and I can't seem to find my second pair, which meant that I either had to wash my tights every day or wear my running shorts, which I'm not a massive fan of!

After work I made a quick trip into Lorna Jane (LOVE!) and after perusing for a while I asked for the shop assistant's help. She helped me navigate through the different pairs of black tights (they all look the same on the rack!) and asked...

"Small or extra-small?"

I was so shocked! I have always been a "medium or large?" girl and to hear someone ask if I wanted to try on the EXTRA-SMALL made me do a double take! I always thought that because of my height I was a medium or a large, when it was really because I was overweight!

So I took my 'small' Lorna Jane tights into the fitting room and tried them on! I ended up buying two pairs of tights and a new gym bag as a bit of a special treat! Maybe once I am at my goal weight and toned up, I can go back and buy the matching crops!


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Vi said...

that's so awesome!!

we will be wearing the same size clothes soon.. woohoo!!