Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Mega's Week 8 Burpee Hate Queen Challenge

Or what I have termed, Death-by-Burpee! 

One Megalicious Journey has started a burpee challenge for all the haters out there! I am the first to admit that I absolutely LOATHE burpees! I used to do them SO easily as a teen and now I cringe at the thought of them! So I definitely qualify for the challenge!!!

I have pledged that I will do 50 burpees NON-STOP at the end of 12WBT Week 8! 5 weeks to get practicing! I hope I survive!

Meanwhile, I went for a 1km swim tonight with ABF and OAF. It felt great getting back into the pool, particularly now that I am the owner of a nice pair of swanky goggles! I can actually see where I'm going now (cue visual of me running into the lane rope/other swimmers!) and it makes swimming so much more enjoyable now that I don't feel disorientated the whole way! I swam the entire km in freestyle (breast stoke hurts my knee so I had no choice!) and it felt really good! My breathing is much more controlled and I am feeling much more coordinated, which gives me confidence for my future triathalon aspirations!

Calories burned: 249

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