Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've got my mojo back!!!

Oh wow!!! I just had the most AMAZING workout tonight! I was fluffing around in the kitchen when all of a sudden I found myself 500m into a run on the treadmill! It took JFDI to a whole new level!!! I don't even remember making the decision to get on the tready, but I am SO glad I did!!!

My physio session earlier today must have done something - my knee didn't hurt at all during the run and it has been an hour since my workout and there is no sign of pain yet! Woohooo!

The run felt amazing... I have been struggling mentally with my runs lately, just psyching myself out even though I know my body can handle much more than a lousy 3km. It might've been that I put on a movie and watched that while running that it took my mind off things. Either way, I was sad to have to stop!

The rest of the session I finished a Nike Training Club advanced cardio workout (Fit Zone), which again felt awesome! I really enjoyed this particular workout - it has a lot of abs, jump rope and squats, which I love! I really dug deep and put my all into the session and I am now feeling on top of the world!

OAF, ABF and I are planning a group session tomorrow night - something to do with Just Dance on Wii and one of Mish's toning DVDs? I don't know... I didn't ask - I will just rock up and do as I'm told!!!

Calories burned: 688

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