Friday, September 30, 2011

Bye-Bye Binge Baggage!

I decided to do a 'surprise weigh-in' today - I have been working SO hard the last few days and I could visibly see that I had lost some more weight. I jumped on the scales....


I am back to where I was before I had that disastrous binge weekend!! Now all I need to do is KEEP GOING rather than self-sabbotage!

Speaking of which, I just baked the 12WBT Banana Bread (in the form of 24 muffins). I added 65g chopped pecans that I had leftover from some muesli bars I made, which brings each muffin to 202 cals. So they will be perfect to have for breakfast with a yoghurt  (80 cal).

They are AMAZING. I forgot how much I love banana bread and wow... The pecans just really set it off! They are probably THE most dangerous thing in my house right now!!! I could easily have downed several of them in one go! But I restrained... and now I get to enjoy the most amazing smell throughout my house! The muffins are now safely locked away in the deep freezer.

Today I feel like I have matured and I am making mindful decisions rather than mindlessly shovelling food into my mouth.

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