Friday, September 16, 2011

A big fat RED FLAG!

Tomorrow is going to be the biggest red flag for me since starting 12WBT. I am going away for the day and will be in a pub with finger food and alcohol surrounding me right at dinner time! I want to go so that I can catch up with some old friends, but I know that I am putting myself in a seriously dangerous situation!

So... What am I going to do to make sure I succeed?

1. SSS in the morning. I am doing a triple class! Body Pump, Body Attack and Body Combat. Let's hope I can drive once I'm done!  I am aiming to burn at least 1500 calories.

2. Have a light lunch before driving the 2-hours to the function.

3. Don't pay for the 'privilege' to eat the greasy finger food! Drink water only.

4. Dinner... Now that is going to be a problem. I haven't quite worked that one out yet! The function is at 630pm and will be followed by the drive home. Usually I would stop at McDonalds or Hungry Jacks and grab a burger, but I won't be doing that! Hmmm, I know! I will stop at Woolworths and buy a salad, a Forme yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Problem solved! I will also have a healthy snack at 630pm so that I am not tempted to eat anything at the pub.

Okay, so the plan is set, my gym clothes are packed for tomorrow... I am ready.

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