Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12WBT Round 3 Bloggers Challenge - What is health?

Week 2's blogging challenge is "What is a picture of health?" 

I have a slightly different perspective working in healthcare, but I will answer this in terms of what I see for myself as a picture of health.

I picture a strong, fit, happy, vibrant, enthusiastic woman, who is free to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants without feeling held back by her body. 

I want to be the person that feels she can accomplish anything.

I want to be the person that is living her dream.

I want to be the person that is living life to the fullest.

I want to be the person that can run for 15km and feel like doing it all over again!

I want to be the person that can see her strength on the inside and on the outside.

And most of all, I want to feel ALIVE!

Every week since I have started, I have felt closer and closer to my ideal 'picture of health'.

Today in particular, even though I had the crappiest workout I feel on top of the world! Every step, every weight lift, every pushup was a struggle mentally! But I set myself a goal of 500 cals and I kept going until I got there. I did not walk away, I did not give up... I forced myself to keep going despite what my mind was telling me and I am so glad I did.

Calories burned: 547

And if we want to get visual... 

This is NOT healthy...


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