Friday, September 30, 2011

Bye-Bye Binge Baggage!

I decided to do a 'surprise weigh-in' today - I have been working SO hard the last few days and I could visibly see that I had lost some more weight. I jumped on the scales....


I am back to where I was before I had that disastrous binge weekend!! Now all I need to do is KEEP GOING rather than self-sabbotage!

Speaking of which, I just baked the 12WBT Banana Bread (in the form of 24 muffins). I added 65g chopped pecans that I had leftover from some muesli bars I made, which brings each muffin to 202 cals. So they will be perfect to have for breakfast with a yoghurt  (80 cal).

They are AMAZING. I forgot how much I love banana bread and wow... The pecans just really set it off! They are probably THE most dangerous thing in my house right now!!! I could easily have downed several of them in one go! But I restrained... and now I get to enjoy the most amazing smell throughout my house! The muffins are now safely locked away in the deep freezer.

Today I feel like I have matured and I am making mindful decisions rather than mindlessly shovelling food into my mouth.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


This... looks... amazing.

I have to try this!!! I've started looking into where I can try it out in my area... It looks insane and daunting, but SO worth it!

Love it!


I was doing the 12WBT blog rounds tonight and read a post by Courage to Start, who got absolutely smashed by her PT today and then followed it up with a run! I take my hat off to her!

I just had to repost something that she wrote about running...

She said that she had to run until her body ached and her heart felt free. 

I have always struggled to define in words how running makes me feel... Thanks Courage to Start for giving me the words.

I've got my mojo back!!!

Oh wow!!! I just had the most AMAZING workout tonight! I was fluffing around in the kitchen when all of a sudden I found myself 500m into a run on the treadmill! It took JFDI to a whole new level!!! I don't even remember making the decision to get on the tready, but I am SO glad I did!!!

My physio session earlier today must have done something - my knee didn't hurt at all during the run and it has been an hour since my workout and there is no sign of pain yet! Woohooo!

The run felt amazing... I have been struggling mentally with my runs lately, just psyching myself out even though I know my body can handle much more than a lousy 3km. It might've been that I put on a movie and watched that while running that it took my mind off things. Either way, I was sad to have to stop!

The rest of the session I finished a Nike Training Club advanced cardio workout (Fit Zone), which again felt awesome! I really enjoyed this particular workout - it has a lot of abs, jump rope and squats, which I love! I really dug deep and put my all into the session and I am now feeling on top of the world!

OAF, ABF and I are planning a group session tomorrow night - something to do with Just Dance on Wii and one of Mish's toning DVDs? I don't know... I didn't ask - I will just rock up and do as I'm told!!!

Calories burned: 688

Keep plodding along...

I'm back from my Physio appointment... 

I'm still on a 3km running restriction, which I will just have to deal with. My knee is slightly better, but we aren't sure whether it's because of the reduction in running or the NSAIDs (or both).

So I have another week of taking it easy, popping pills, stretches and icepacks.

Let's hope it continues to improve.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Mega's Week 8 Burpee Hate Queen Challenge

Or what I have termed, Death-by-Burpee! 

One Megalicious Journey has started a burpee challenge for all the haters out there! I am the first to admit that I absolutely LOATHE burpees! I used to do them SO easily as a teen and now I cringe at the thought of them! So I definitely qualify for the challenge!!!

I have pledged that I will do 50 burpees NON-STOP at the end of 12WBT Week 8! 5 weeks to get practicing! I hope I survive!

Meanwhile, I went for a 1km swim tonight with ABF and OAF. It felt great getting back into the pool, particularly now that I am the owner of a nice pair of swanky goggles! I can actually see where I'm going now (cue visual of me running into the lane rope/other swimmers!) and it makes swimming so much more enjoyable now that I don't feel disorientated the whole way! I swam the entire km in freestyle (breast stoke hurts my knee so I had no choice!) and it felt really good! My breathing is much more controlled and I am feeling much more coordinated, which gives me confidence for my future triathalon aspirations!

Calories burned: 249

10km Fun Run Entered!

I entered my first Fun Run in over 2 years! My last fun run was the 2009 9km Bridge Run!

I am running the RebelSport Run4Fun on 6 November 2011.

I'm very excited about it but I really hope my knee doesn't get in the way of my training! Before my knee started playing up I was doing 6-7km runs, so not that far off the 10km mark! The event is 39 days away so I better get cracking! I am really hoping for good news from my Physio on Thursday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12WBT Round 3 Bloggers Challenge - What is health?

Week 2's blogging challenge is "What is a picture of health?" 

I have a slightly different perspective working in healthcare, but I will answer this in terms of what I see for myself as a picture of health.

I picture a strong, fit, happy, vibrant, enthusiastic woman, who is free to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants without feeling held back by her body. 

I want to be the person that feels she can accomplish anything.

I want to be the person that is living her dream.

I want to be the person that is living life to the fullest.

I want to be the person that can run for 15km and feel like doing it all over again!

I want to be the person that can see her strength on the inside and on the outside.

And most of all, I want to feel ALIVE!

Every week since I have started, I have felt closer and closer to my ideal 'picture of health'.

Today in particular, even though I had the crappiest workout I feel on top of the world! Every step, every weight lift, every pushup was a struggle mentally! But I set myself a goal of 500 cals and I kept going until I got there. I did not walk away, I did not give up... I forced myself to keep going despite what my mind was telling me and I am so glad I did.

Calories burned: 547

And if we want to get visual... 

This is NOT healthy...


Monday, September 26, 2011


I am on a running restriction at the moment.

My knee is still giving me grief and so I went off to the physio last week, who also struggled to work out exactly what was wrong. My knees are apparently great for a female's (they aren't loose at all) and my ligaments and menisci are fine and it's not patello-femoral syndrome. I do have some tenderness around my tibia, but he said that's common in a runner and is unrelated to my current issue.

So what is it? He thinks maybe bursitis or an issue with a muscle attachment.

So now I am on a 3km running restriction and I am downing regular NSAIDs (I hate taking meds!). I also have some additional stretches I have to do after my runs and I am going back to the physio in a few days. The pain has improved since being on the NSAIDs, but it hasn't gone away completely. I fear what the physio is going to tell me on Thursday... 

This restriction is really not helping my running goals and it has made me quite depressed and frustrated actually. I think it is what triggered my eating issues this week (bye-bye last week's good work!!). And then because I have been eating crap all week I have felt even more depressed! It's a vicous cycle.

But today I've re-grouped and I am starting again. The past is in the past, I can't do anything about it now. I just have to move forward. I just have to prepare myself for the fact that I have most definitely had a weight gain this week.

My 3km run this morning was okay. It usually takes me about 2km to get into a rhythm and then I only have 1km of good running before I have to stop! It is SO frustrating! I followed it up with a Nike Training Club Advanced Cardio workout (Transformer) to bring up the calories. I am tempted to do another workout tonight because I just don't feel like I worked myself hard enough this morning.

Calories burned: 726

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Super Saturday Session today! 

I finished uni yesterday (WOOOHOOOO!!!) and I had a great time celebrating last night with ABF! No booze, no bad food - just a yummy Mish recipe (chicken with mustard sauce - YUM!) followed by movies with no snacks.

After a relative sleep-in, I headed off to the gym for a repeat of last week's SSS - BodyCombat, BodyPump and BodyAttack. I planned to smash myself today, harder than I did last week. And I did! Unfortunately though, my fitness levels and weight loss mean that I burned less calories despite thrashing myself! But I am taking that as a good thing!

BodyCombat: 600 calories
BodyPump: 400 calories
BodyAttack: 600 calories

Total burned: 1691 (with stretches and a short treadmill walk to cool down).

I upped my BodyPump weights again this week, so now I am doing:
Squats track: 15kg (+5kg)
Chest track: 7.5kg (+2.5kg)
Back track: 10kg (+5kg)
Triceps track: 2.5kg (=)
Biceps track: 7.5kg (+2.5kg)
Lunge track: 12.5kg (+7.5kg)
Shoulder track: 2.5kg/arm (=)
Abs track: 5kg 

I feel like I am at my limits with the weights now. Each track I think that I might struggle to finish the set! I will keep going at these weights for 3-4 weeks and then think about increasing.

Now to go and hit the books... Exams are in 2 weeks! Let the study coma (with appropriate breaks for fitness training!) begin!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tomorrow is my last day of uni - ever! It is exciting yet scary at the same time, because it means I have my final exams in 2 weeks.

The stress levels are rising, which means the binge grinch is screaming at me on a daily basis. Yesterday everything fell apart... Yep, weigh-in day - the day my eating should be the most clean out of excitement from my results! Instead, it was an absolute disaster.

Today was better, but yesterday is still haunting me. I am going to have to train like I have never trained before to fix the damage done...

It really says a lot about my triggers for binging and how oblivious I can be to my stress levels. There are no excuses and I can't change what happened. Instead, I can analyse why it happened and develop some strategies to lock the binge grinch away when he comes knocking at my door. It feels like two steps forward, one step back... But at least I am making progress in the right direction, even if it is slow.

With exams so close, the stress levels are not going to get any better. They are going to get drastically worse. My usual study cocktails of sugar, fat and energy drinks are no longer an option and I really hope I make it through without too many setbacks.

My study timetable is organised. My study breaks and workouts are diarised.

I am ready.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weigh-in Day!

This week I said goodbye to 1.6kg!!!

I am now lighter than I have ever been in my adult life, sitting at 72.2kg! This feels SO good! Only 5.2kg to go! Yeahhh baby!

Physio appointment this afternoon... 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Size 10 Jeans!

Not only do my size 10 jeans fit, but they are loose! Woohooo!

I had a really bad day today. It started with an incredibly stressful morning, followed by feeling tired and down all day. I was so close to binging my heart out but instead had a lonnnnnnnnnng afternoon nap. I then did about an hour of toning exercises and I'm feeling a little better now. I'm not loving this emotional rollercoaster ride! I can't wait for uni to be done!

Weigh-in day tomorrow... It'll be interesting to see what the scales say!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Binge Grinch has gone into hiding!

I am so proud of myself! The entire weekend, even though full of red flags was an absolute success! I had absolutely no desire to eat anything I shouldn't be eating and did not even THINK about binging!

This is a massive step in the right direction for me - the last few weeks the weekends have been my downfall. But not anymore! I know that I will still have problems in the future, but I can see that I am changing mentally and I am making progress.

I am VERY excited about the weigh-in on Wednesday! I know I have lost a lot of weight and I am excited to see just how much!

Meanwhile, I am a little sore after my SSS still, but that didn't stop me from doing my usual workout this morning and I think it even helped! Again, the old me would have just taken another rest day. Win!

Calories burned: 639

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am feeling absolutely over the moon! I feel free, happy and energised! My SSS was a success!

First up was BodyCombat. I have never done Combat before, but I have done martial arts in the past, so it wasn't completely foreign. I had an absolute ball! This would have to be my all-time favourite class now (my second fav being Spin). I loved the energy and absolutely loved feeling like I was doing exercise with a purpose. I roughly burned 650 calories, though forgot to turn on my HRM for the first 5-minutes.

Next was BodyPump. This was the first time I had done the new release and it was a lot of fun! I loaded up my weights a little more than last time - leg tracks 15kg (vs 10kg last time), back 10kg (vs 8kg last time), chest 10kg (vs 8kg last time), biceps 10kg (vs 8kg last time) and triceps 8kg (vs 8kg last time). For my next class I will be increasing my leg and back weights but my other weights are pretty much spot on. Owww the buuuuuuuurn! I roughly burned 400 calories.

Finally was BodyAttack. Again, I hadn't done the new release of this and I'm not so sure whether I like the new version! Half-way through Attack, I was really feeling it. I had to cut down on the jumping because of my knee and ended up doing a fair few of the low-impact options for things like the lunges, but really hit hard on the running moves. This class burned about 700cals.

Dripping with sweat, I looked down at my watch to see I had burned 1750 cals!!! I was SO close to 2000, that I decided to take up the challenge to burn that extra 250!

So I jumped on the treadmill and got myself ready for some intervals! 1-minute on, 1-minute off... Off was a 6.5km/hr walk at 1% incline. On varied from 10.5km/hr - 13.5km/hr running at 1% incline. I reached 3km and looked down to see that I had reached my goal!

2013 calories burned in 3 hours, 19 minutes and 53 seconds. 

It doesn't get much better than that! I think that SSS is going to be a regular one! I had an absolute ball!

Now off to enjoy my function tonight!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A big fat RED FLAG!

Tomorrow is going to be the biggest red flag for me since starting 12WBT. I am going away for the day and will be in a pub with finger food and alcohol surrounding me right at dinner time! I want to go so that I can catch up with some old friends, but I know that I am putting myself in a seriously dangerous situation!

So... What am I going to do to make sure I succeed?

1. SSS in the morning. I am doing a triple class! Body Pump, Body Attack and Body Combat. Let's hope I can drive once I'm done!  I am aiming to burn at least 1500 calories.

2. Have a light lunch before driving the 2-hours to the function.

3. Don't pay for the 'privilege' to eat the greasy finger food! Drink water only.

4. Dinner... Now that is going to be a problem. I haven't quite worked that one out yet! The function is at 630pm and will be followed by the drive home. Usually I would stop at McDonalds or Hungry Jacks and grab a burger, but I won't be doing that! Hmmm, I know! I will stop at Woolworths and buy a salad, a Forme yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Problem solved! I will also have a healthy snack at 630pm so that I am not tempted to eat anything at the pub.

Okay, so the plan is set, my gym clothes are packed for tomorrow... I am ready.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a crap day

I woke up feeling sick and so I put off my workout thinking it wasn't going to be a good idea to go running when I could barely walk in a straight line without feeling off balance. I have been sitting at my desk all day trying to get a uni assignment done, which is getting there - slowly.

A visit to the doctor (unrelated to this illness) resulted in a blood test and an appointment made for the physio about my knee. The doc said that running on it isn't going to make it worse, so that's promising.

But now I am so exhausted that I could probably go to bed now - at 5.45pm! Being this tired, stressed and a little down is a nasty combination in terms of eating for me. Binge eating alert! I managed to stop myself from eating anything other than my 1200 cals and cleaned my teeth so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat anything else.

But I would be happy for today to be over... Bring on tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12WBT Round 3 Bloggers Challenge - hosted by Courage2Start

One of my favourite 12WBT bloggers, Courage2Start has started a blogging challenge for everyone blogging their way through Round 3, 2011! 

This is the first week's questions... 

1. Describe yourself in 25 words or less. You can get straight to the point - or bring your creativity into play. 
I am committed, motivated, super busy and love life! I enjoy a good challenge and am passionate about my dogs, health and photography. 

2. What brings you to 12wbt? Getting fitter? Losing weight? (Gaining weight??) Are you first timer, a repeat offender??
I am a 12WBT newbie and am I doing this to get fitter and to lose weight. I want to finally do what I have been saying for years... "I will run a half marathon!" 

3. Why do you blog?
I blog because I enjoy it but it also keeps me honest and I want to be able to look back to see how far I've come.  

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why (doesn't have to be weight loss)
What a tough question! I don't think I have a single person that gives me inspiration. I feel inspired by so many things! 

5. What things in life bring you the most joy?
I love spending time with friends and family - they are the world to me. My dogs are also a major part of my life and spending time with them and seeing them happy is one of the best things in the world! My work also brings me a lot of joy - every day I get to make a difference in peoples' lives. It doesn't get any better than that! And one last thing... That feeling after I've been on a massive run... That high... I think that is one of life's simple pleasures. 

6.What do you think your greatest challenge is going to be this round?
Stopping my binge eating. I eat when I'm tired, depressed, upset, stressed... I have exams coming up and the old me would snack on lollies, chocolate and energy drinks to keep me at my desk and I will have to break that habit for the first time.

7. What are you most excited about 12wbt?
Everything! I am excited for the future and achieving amazing things!   

8. And what scares the pants off you?
Nothing, really... I am not afraid of failing because that is not an option.   

9. Tell me - right now - today - how do you feel about exercise in no more than 10 words
Love, love, love! It makes me feel alive and free! 

10. Complete this sentence - in 12 weeks time - on the last day of 12wbt I am going to be feeling....
Fit and HOT!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Small or Extra-Small?

This morning I decided that it was about time I bought some new workout clothes. My current tights are becoming quite loose and I can't seem to find my second pair, which meant that I either had to wash my tights every day or wear my running shorts, which I'm not a massive fan of!

After work I made a quick trip into Lorna Jane (LOVE!) and after perusing for a while I asked for the shop assistant's help. She helped me navigate through the different pairs of black tights (they all look the same on the rack!) and asked...

"Small or extra-small?"

I was so shocked! I have always been a "medium or large?" girl and to hear someone ask if I wanted to try on the EXTRA-SMALL made me do a double take! I always thought that because of my height I was a medium or a large, when it was really because I was overweight!

So I took my 'small' Lorna Jane tights into the fitting room and tried them on! I ended up buying two pairs of tights and a new gym bag as a bit of a special treat! Maybe once I am at my goal weight and toned up, I can go back and buy the matching crops!

And we're off!!!

Today is Day 1 of the 12WBT! Though I feel like we started weeks ago! Exercising has become part of my lifestyle again - it's the food that I still need to work on!

My alarm was set for 545am and I almost didn't get out of bed! I had decided last night that I would do a session before work rather than in the afternoon, except when I woke up I decided I was "too tired"... Well of course you're tired! You just got woken up by a pesky alarm! I reset my alarm for 630am and went to go back to sleep. But instead, I started to wake up and I realised that I was making excuses!! I had decided to do a morning session and that was that! So I said to myself that I had 5 minutes to get my lazy ass outside! And I did...

I did Michelle's Day 1 Advanced workout and found myself a 'nice' hill for some hill interval sprints. I just about killed myself on those! Wow - what a good heartstarter! I threw in a few extra 50m sprints and squats on top of Mish's workout plan for good measure!

I had a brilliant moment on my run when mid-way through one of my hill intervals, the alarm I had reset earlier for my 'excuse-making self' went off!!! This made me work even harder, knowing that I had fought against what would normally keep me from exercising! I may not be excuse-free, but I can recognise when I am self sabotaging!

I hope everyone else is having a great day, too!

Calories burned: 532

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wall Sit... Take 2!

I was not impressed that my wall sit had only improved by 5 seconds after 4 weeks of work so I thought that maybe if I tried it another day and distracted myself that I would get a better result.

So I did my wall sit while cleaning my teeth tonight...

I lasted 3 minutes and 35 seconds - at that point I got bored and decided to get up. My legs were aching, but I certainly wasn't at my breaking point yet but I did prove to myself that I could do better!

My goal for 4 weeks time is a 5-minute wall sit. Bring it on!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Task #8 - Measure up!

It was time to crack open the tape measure to get my baseline measurements for the start of 12WBT. I took the same measurements 4 weeks go and I was shocked when I compared them!

Chest: 90cm (-10.0cm)
Waist: 80.5cm (-4.5)
Hips: 102cm (-4.0cm)
Right thigh: 55.5cm (-5.5)
Left thigh: 55.0cm (-6.0)

Total cm lost: 30cm!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoes with Built-in Rockets?

My new shoes arrived today! I was desperate to try them out so I came home early and hit the streets.

I decided to run to the park (2.5km away) and do some 1km interval sprints and then run home. I hadn't been for a run for a while, in fact I hadn't done any cardio training for several days because of my knee. It has been improving daily but I didn't want to risk aggravating with my old shoes! Despite that, I felt fabulous as soon as I set out! I felt a massive difference in my fitness compared to 4 weeks ago. I really truly love running now! And the new shoes were just brilliant! They made a huge difference in terms of my form and being women's shoes, the width is such a better fit than the men's shoes I've had to wear in the past (yay for Brooks making size 12!).

What happened next was an absolute shock to me... I did my first 1km 'sprint' around the park and I felt pretty good during the run - I was pushing myself pretty hard but I had a little more in the tank... At 1km, my watch read...



When I started training my time trial was 6 minutes 50 seconds and since then the best I've done was 6 minutes 30 seconds.

Considering that, I thought maybe my GPS was cheating or I had just fluked it?!

So I did it again... Except this time I pushed myself HARD! My lungs hurt, my legs hurt and I really felt like I was going to be sick when I was done! I was well and truly maxed out! This time my watch read...



That is INSANE!! I have taken 2 minutes and 20 seconds off my original PB!!!!! I am in absolute shock! I can't believe it! My 12 week goal was to run 1km in under 5 minutes and yet I've completed that goal before the 12 weeks has even started! It seems I will need to fiddle with my goals a little!

I completed the rest of the fitness test tonight...

1km time trial: 4min 31sec (-2min 19sec)
Wall-sit: 2min 35sec (+5sec)
Push-ups in 1-min: 44 (knees) (+19)
Sit-ups: Stage 5 (+1 stage)
Flexibility: +7cm (+5cm)

That means that I am well and truly in the 'Advanced' fitness category! Woohoo!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A surprise weigh-in!

This morning I decided to do a weigh-in to see how I am progressing this week. After my gain last week, I would have just been happy to be back at my pre-gain weight.

But when I jumped on the scales, I had to do a double-take!



I picked up the scales and moved them to another area of the bathroom...


"That can't be right..."

Took them to the other bathroom...



Somehow, I have lost 2kg in 5 days and I am now almost at my goal weight for end of pre-season!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

It is making me wonder whether the gain I had last week was a true gain, but either way I am over the moon!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Task #7 - Organise and Diarise

Let me first say that I am an organisation freak. 

With that understanding, I have to confess that I LOVE this task! So much that I actually did this task before pre-season started without even realising it was something we had to do!

I have exams coming up for my final year of uni, so I had scheduled in all my study sessions and uni time. My life is very hectic and busy at the best of times, with uni 45 hours per week, studying an additional 10-20 hours per week, competing in dog sports on the weekends and trying to have a life - there isn't much time left for much else! So out of necessity I had put in the times that I thought I would be able to sneak in a workout. I am determined to squeeze it all in!

One more task to go... Measure Up! Bring it on!!!!!


OAF and I hit the gym this morning for a double class session! 

First up was BodyAttack, a class I had never done before. It was fun! I felt like I was in a dance class for part of the time, trying to work out what my body should be doing! But it was good - a nice solid cardio workout! I was shocked that we had to do squats, pushups and lunges considering what we had coming up next...

BodyPump! My FAVOURITE class! I haven't done it in years and it was so great to be back! I set my weights quite low with only 8kg (including bar) for upper body work and 10kg (including bar) for lower body. I really pushed hard during this class and now my arms feel like they are made of jelly!

It was worth it though, with 1181 calories burned in 2 hours.

I love SSS!!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Task #6 - Kitchen Makeover

I had already done a kitchen makeover several weeks ago, so I didn't really have much to do for this task! I did climb into the cupboards though and found some cordial hiding up the back (which I haven't touched in almost a year!) and some microwave popcorn which both swiftly found a new home in the bin!

When I originally did the task, there was not really much to throw out! Before November last year, I used to eat a LOT of McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (almost daily!!!). Once I realised how much I was relying on take-away for my everyday meals, it was a catalyst for the start of my No-Junk-November that resulted in me losing several kilos just by banning myself from the drive-through!

So since November, my diet has been fairly good, it's just that my portion sizes were large and I would stress-eat a fair bit! Of course I would eat the odd chocolate bar or ice-cream, but on the whole the quality of the food I was putting in my mouth was good! I would eat LOTS of freshly prepared meals packed with veges or with salad.

My biggest downfall was cheese. I absolutely LOVE cheese and crackers! Throw in some dip and I would be in heaven! Until recently I didn't realise how many calories were in cheese - I used to think I was having a 'healthy' meal when I sat down with some cheese and tomato crackers! Healthy? Maybe. Low calorie? Definitely not!!! Things have changed since then and I have found a new love for feta, ricotta and cottage cheese (all low fat, of course). I do have the odd piece of cheese, but that's all it is - a PIECE of cheese! Not half a block!

There are only two more tasks left for pre-season... Organising and diarising (I LOVE the sound of this task! I am an organisation FREAK!) and measuring up! I am not so keen about the thought of the last one, but it will be interesting to compare to my previous photos and measurements from 12 August!