Sunday, August 28, 2011

Task #4 - Gear Up!

The next task is to work out what gear you have and what gear you will need to successfully complete the program.

I really have no excuses when it comes to this - I have SO much stuff!

What I have...
* Gym membership - I just joined a new gym!

* Heart rate monitor - bought one second hand. I will upgrade to a fancy one as a reward.

* Running shoes - I just bought a new pair and they are SOOOO insanely comfortable! They arrive in 1-2 weeks (I bought them online to save $$$) and I can't wait to crack them out for their first run!

* Workout clothes - No issues there! I have a whole drawer full!

* Music - iPhone and headphones!

* What if it rains? You have a gym membership and a treadmill at home!

* Yoga mat - though I would also like a thicker mat for pilates at home

* Skipping rope - I really should crack that out and see how many cals I can burn in half an hour of skipping! That'd be a fun game!

* Weights - I have a nice collection of weights at home ranging from 1kg to 10kg.

* Swimming - I have three heated pools nearby! I have swimmers, goggles and plenty of towels. No excuses!

* Cycling - I have two bikes (one that needs repairing) and lots of places to ride!

So where will I be training?
EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I plan on mixing things up regularly with the gym, the pool, the park and my home treadmill. The girls and I are always thinking up new ways to workout and will be doing a tennis session and some other fun things in the near future!

My wishlist: 
* Skins 

* New HRM - Polar RS300X with footpod

* Thick pilates mat

* Trail shoes - Ghost GTX 

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