Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lessons Learned

I put on weight this week. 

I am not happy about it, but I saw a quote recently that speaks volumes...

"Today's decisions result in tomorrow's consequences."

I had a terrible food week. I started off so well and then had a massive binge eating session on Saturday night where I just could not stop eating absolute CRAP! I wasn't hungry, I knew I didn't need the food and yet I was in this feeding frenzy! I was stressed and tired and I guess I thought that eating would make me feel better! It didn't. 

Then on Sunday I was at a dog sport comp where everyone brings all sorts of sugar-filled baked goods to share around and I knew I shouldn't eat any of it but I ate a cupcake and a piece of cake anyway!

"Today's decisions result in tomorrow's consequences."

 It wasn't much of a gain - about 700g... But a gain is a gain and although I am disappointed in myself for what happened, it has been a major eye opener for me. A binge can undo an entire week's worth of good work. And it is NOT worth it! It doesn't make me feel any better and it is NOT healthy! 

Since I made my commitment a few days ago, I have kept my word and I have stayed away from binge eating and unhealthy foods. To help myself, I have put up photos of my ideal body along with my commitment on the wall next to the fridge. On top of my pile of snacks, I have also put a sign that says "Are you a woman of your word?" which I physically have to move to get to the snacks. It is really helpful and empowering to see those words every day. 

So, we live and we learn and I'm moving on. No more binges.  

Calories consumed: 1200
Calories burned: 723
Net: 477

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