Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goal reached!!!

My previous long runs always had some short walking periods where I caught my breath, so I had set myself the goal of running 5km straight by the end of pre-season.

This morning I thought I would give it a crack!!

It was a beautiful morning... Cool and foggy with the world still fast asleep. My Kelpie and I set out and just ran around the neighbourhood.

As we ran, I felt more and more comfortable! I even managed to beat my pre-season fitness test 1km time trial during our 5th km, running 6:28!!!!!!

At 5km I didn't feel like stopping, so we ran an extra km for good measure!

Time: 00:43:38
Distance: 6.1km
Average pace: 07:08
Fastest km: 06:28 (Km #5)
Av HR: 151
Max HR: 186
Calories: 677

I can't believe that I have achieved this goal in 2 weeks!!! It has certainly given me the confidence that my fitness is improving and I am stronger mentally!

My shoes on the other hand are well and truly dead. Hopefully they get me through until my new pair arrive in 1-2 weeks!! My last two pairs were the Brooks Dyad and I wasn't too impressed with them this time! In the end it was a toss up between the Ghost and the Glycerin, but the Glycerin were just that little bit more comfortable! I can't wait to try them out once they arrive!!!

My next running goal is 8km non-stop!

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