Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oops, It's been a while...

After a year of being slack in 2010, I have decided to get back into it!

I did manage to lose 8kg though since November, which means that I am carrying around a lot less weight than before, so that should make things easier! The last time I weighed myself (a few days ago), I was 75.9kg! 75!!!!! I haven't been 75 since... well, I don't ever remember being this light! It has been my goal for many years to get down to this weight, so to say I am thrilled with myself is an understatement!

I went dress shopping the other day.... I almost bought a size 10!!!!!! How insane is that? I am usually a 14... That's 2 dress sizes! Crazy business! *proud*

So, the running begins in the new year... Or else!