Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today I had my first training session back since I sprained my ankle. It would have been on Monday, but I was donating blood and my ankle was still a little unstable. My ankle felt fine today, but boy did the run feel pretty average! I definitely need new shoes and I felt really lazy in the run. I was doing intervals of 1 minute fast - 1.5 minute slow. I only lasted about 15 minutes! How pathetic! But having said that, I didn't want to push myself too hard considering it was my first run back.

My biggest complaint was my calves... They were so tight and sore after only 10 minutes of running... I really think I need to stretch them out before I run and maybe change my running style. I should use my quads/hammies more.

I also did 15 minutes of 35km/hr cycling on the spin bike. Felt fine and studied at the same time. Gotta love multi-tasking!

This weekend I'll be buying new shoes.

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