Friday, August 14, 2009

Resuming Training After C2S

Today was the first day of training since last weekend. It took me a little while to recover from the C2S, but I think that it was mostly shoe-related. My shoes are old (slightly over 2 years old) and they have definitely died. I can't even stand in them for more than half an hour without them hurting my feet, so it's no wonder I had all sorts of muscular issues after the 14km run in them!

This weekend I am going shopping for new shoes. I tried on the Brooks Ravenna and the old Trance 8's on Thursday night. I quite liked the Ravennas - very comfortable and very light, but I don't know that the cushioning will be a bit too much for me. They felt VERY squishy which was nice in-store, but on a run, I don't know if I'll like it. The Trances were awful, so I don't know that I will like the 9's that just came out. I also want to try on the Adrenalines which apparently have a bit more support than the Ravennas but not as much cushioning.

So today I took my old crappy runners for what was supposed to be a nice and easy 4km jog with the dogs. Unfortunately I was too tired to wake up at 0545 to do the run, so went after uni this afternoon. The dogs decided that they didn't want to run further than 1.5kms (too hot, I think) so we then went on a 1-hour powerwalk. They were very well behaved and we kept a good pace. I then followed that with a 30-minute spin session (35-40km/hr) while watching Stargate Atlantis DVDs. All-in-all it was a great workout but I wish I could have done a bit more running. Not a bad way to ease back into training though.

So this week's training plan:

Saturday: 4km run (no dogs) + 1 hour walk (dogs) + 30-minute spin session
Sunday: Weights + 2km run (dogs)
Monday: Rest day (donating blood!)
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Interval training (no dogs) + 1 hour walk (dogs)
Thursday: Weights
Friday: 4km run (no dogs) + 1 hour walk (dogs) + 30-minute spin session
Saturday: Weights
Sunday: Interval training (no dogs)

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