Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Race Plans for 2009

After my surprising result in City2Surf this year, I have decided to enter a few more fun runs to keep up the momentum. It's difficult finding runs that fit in my schedule, but I've managed to find a couple that suit.

Sunday 20th September, 2009
Blackmores Running Festival
Distance: 9km (Bridge Run)

Sunday 1st November, 2009
Balmain Fun Run
Distance: 10km

Next year the runs I have flagged are...

August 2010
Distance: 14km

September 2010
Blackmores Running Festival
Distance: 21km (Half Marathon)

September 2010
Triathlon Pink - All Female Triathlon Series
Distance: 200m swim/6km ride/2km run (medium length)

I am disappointed that I won't be able to compete in the Women's Triathlon (fundraiser for breast cancer) this year, but I have Jedi's first obedience trial and two conformation shows to take Ahsoka to that weekend. I'll definitely be doing it next year though - I have wanted to do this for a few years!

Meanwhile, I am finally feeling back to normal so I'm hoping to go on my first run since C2S on Friday morning. I can't wait to get back into training but my body needs some down time! Next week I'll be getting my new runners so that will make a world of difference. I hope I can find a suitable pair!


KT said...

I'm registered to do the Bridge Run in September, but couldn't face doing the C2S with no training last weekend. So now I need to train hard for the next month or so!

I didn't know about the Balmain Fun Run - I'll have to do that one too (it's just around the corner from my place). Thanks! :)

Terra said...

Awesome!! Good luck for the Bridge Run!! It's my first time doing it - looking forward to it!

Jeffrey said...

thanks for linking my blog on your blogroll. great to "meet" a fellow med student and avid runner! cheers!