Tuesday, August 11, 2009

City2Surf 2009

This was my third year of City2Surf, but the first year that I was taking it seriously. Well, semi-seriously!

In 2007, I ran maybe 60% of the first 6km, walked Heartbreak Hill and ran very little after it! My official time was 148 minutes or so, but this was one of the years without timing chips, so 20 minutes of that time was spent following the crowd to the start line!

In 2008, I walk/ran the first 6km and then walked the rest of the way with a friend. I never planned to run the whole way. We completed it in 138 minutes. This was the first year of timing chips, so the timing is accurate.

This year, I had decided to run the first 6km non-stop, walk Heartbreak Hill and then try to do as much running as I could to the end. I felt fantastic in the first 6km and even ran a few hundred metres up HBH before deciding my calves couldn't take it anymore. From the top of HBH to the end I ran the majority of the way, only walking 1-2 parts of the hill components. I stopped and took some photos on HBH and had a chat to one of my friends doing first aid with St Johns. It was a great run! I practically died at the 10km mark but pushed myself to keep running even though I was going very slowly! The last km hurt really badly, but I got there in the end! My official time was 106 minutes - only 6 minutes off being eligible for the green group next year! I was pretty shocked by that - a PB by over 20 minutes! Considering I didn't train at all for this event, I am really pleased! The dogs and I did four 2km runs in the weeks coming up to the event, so I definitely wasn't very prepared!

Here are a few pics from the event -

The preferred runners start area

Blue group start area

The view from HBH

I have signed up for the 9km bridge run in September and will be entering a few other 5-10km fun runs to finish off the year. My major goal is to run the C2S in sub-100 minutes and run the Sydney Half Marathon in 2010. I will definitely be training for that one!

Meanwhile, I am in desperate need of new running shoes... My current shoes are over 2 years old now and they're well and truly dead!

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