Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wow, it's been a long time!!!!!! So much for getting fit while I was at uni! I have my PFT coming up in a month so I thought I better get cracking! I have to do a 2.4km run in 13 minutes, 25 situps and 8 pushups. I can do the situps still, but the pushups and the run are going to be difficult!

I started running again on Thursday last week. I decided to do the Couch to 5K program but started at Week 3 because the first two weeks looked too easy. Today I finished week 3, so on Thursday I will begin week 4.

I am absolutely loving the running though... It is making me feel happier, more energetic, I'm eating less and I'm just feeling great! I am kicking myself for being such a bum last year and not keeping up with my fitness. I seriously think that last year's study would have been much easier had I kept up my running. But, we live and we learn and this year I am determined to keep running. I just need to get into a pattern.

I've also started swimming again and absolutely loving it! There is an aquatic centre just down the road and I have been going there every few days. On Sunday I managed 500m breast stroke and 250m freestyle before I had to leave. It's really fun!

Okay my stats... Keeping in mind that I put on 1.5kg over Christmas! WOOPS!

Weight: 80.8kg
Fat %: 34.5
Total Water %: 47.0
BMI: 24.1

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