Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back into it

So from today, I am back into my exercise routine and eating right.

I've realised that I have a trouble with balance. I get focused on one thing and then lost sight of everything else that was important to me. Running and being fit was my focus last year and now that I am back at uni, I haven't run since!! Plus, having my pup is yet another focus and I seem to be prioritising him and my uni work over my health. So, enough is enough, I am determined to fit all three things in! I have so many other hobbies as well (saxophone, scrapbooking, etc) but there's no way that I can do it all. At the moment I don't even have time to read anything that doesn't begin in "Physiology of...", or "Principles and Practice of..."

Tonight on SBS there was a doco on this group of unfit, sedentary average people who after a year of training were able to run the Boston Marathon. If they can do something like that, so can I. I have always dreamed of running a marathon (or at least a half) and there's no reason why I wouldn't be able to do it.

Another factor that has made me realise what I have been missing is that I have put on 4kg, plus lost most of my muscle, so the amount of fat that I have put on is INSANE!!!!!!!! I seriously need to lose weight.

So this is it. From today, I am in!

So, my stats for today:

Weight: 83.7kg
Fat %: 35.2
Total Water %:46.6
BMI: 24.9

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