Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting back into things...

Continuing on from my post below, I have started running again.

I was late for uni one day (damn Cityrail!) and ended up running from the train station to uni (1.5km) in the hope that I wouldn't be too late! It is a gradual incline to uni and yeah, it hurt.

That afternoon I wanted to catch the early train that I usually don't make unless I walk SUPER faast, but I was 5 minutes late to leave... So I ran. Downhill...! I ran the whole 1.5km and it felt GOOD! (And yes, I made the train!)

I repeated my afternoon run to the train station the next day.

I don't think my times are that great... 1.5km in 10 minutes? Is that good? I am so out of it!

1.5km in 10 minutes... so that's 6:20 per km. Wow, I suck. The last run I blogged about was on January 24... Pace: 8:58/mi (5:34/km). Ouch. I need to get back into it!

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Amsville said...

I think I'd be hard pushed to run that much. I keep saying 'Oh, yeah, gonna go for a run' and then well, it doesn't happen. :) Good luck!