Sunday, March 9, 2008

Loop tha Lake

Today was the big day. Loop the Lake day! The Boy and I rode the 50km circuit (total loop was 85km) and man, was it painful! I rode my heavy-ass dualie with semi-slicks.

I am usually okay on my bike, but this ride sucked for about 35km of it! Most of it was hills (I don't do uphill) and I haven't ridden in so long that my pelvis/butt is SOOOOOOOOOOORE!! About 20km into the ride and half way up a massive hill I was contemplating selling my bike and giving up cycling for ever!! After this little 'moment', I decided that I was in no rush and put it in a tiny gear and ground away at the pedals and talked to myself about the inflammatory process and immune response (how very nerdy!). On the bright side, the last 16km were pretty good! We could actually SEE the lake, and it was fairly flat. I have to say it was a nice finish.

It was a great feeling at the end and I am proud of the fact that I rode the entire way - no walking! Will I do it next year? Maybe... But next year I might take a road bike.