Thursday, January 3, 2008

New time slot

I just got back from a run... Yes, it's 5.45am! Last night I decided that I would try running in the morning, because: a) I am a morning person and b) I am always too tired/lazy/hungry/busy to run in the afternoon and I don't feel that I'm improving on my running because I hardly ever go!

It was really incredible this morning! The sun was rising, there was dew on the grass, and the morning mist rising from the other side of the park. It was quite surreal! It didn't really help me run any better, but at least now I feel totally pumped for the rest of the day! I think this might become a new habit.

Oh, and for the record, I ran a 13:57. No where near the 12 minutes 15 seconds I was doing 2 months ago, but better than the 17 minutes when I first started!!! I will keep at it and maybe go for another run this afternoon. We'll see.

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bradsmith281 said...

Great to hear you enjoying your running. I'm a runner myself, but chronic knee problems have made it difficult to be consistent.

In order to gauge your performace, you should try and calculate your pace. All you have to do is work out how long (on average) you are running each mile). So if your track is, say, 3.2 km (i.e. 2 miles) and your completing it in 14 minutes, then your pace is 7:00/mi. You could also do it in km if you wish but most people (especially Aericans) use time/mi by convention, so using it would allow easier conparisons. Marathon runner get theirs below 5:00/mi, a solid runner will do a 6:00/mi, while beginners or those who are trying to get fit get be 9:00-10:00/mi or higher.

Because of my knee injuries and my tendency to spend most of my time studying or working, I rarely go for a run these days. For that reason, my pace is around 9:00/mi. However, I'm just starting again due to some holidays and little complaint from my knees, so hopefully I can restart my love for the hobbie.

Anyway, why don't you do some calculations and post some times. Take care.