Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fighting Fit and Ready to Go!

I decided to run the beep test again today... So I walked down to the netball courts where I had previously measured out 20m, put in my ipod and off I went! This time I easily made it to 6.5 without any issues at all!! I was running in the 4's and 5's thinking that it was too easy to be almost finished, but sure enough I got there with plenty of puff left!


bradsmith281 said...

I thought you may be interested in an Australian running forum where all runners from beginners to professionals use to talk about their sport and share tips. It is:

There are some guys setting some seriously good times, ones that people like you and I can only dream of and say, "How the hell can you move that fast for so long?". Anyway, it's packed with information and will provide you with a medium to share your interest.

I'm not sure how "into" running you are, but somewhere along the way you go from running to either lose weight or get fit and not really enjoying the pain, to falling in love and wanting to run every day even when your body says not to. I wish my knees gave me a better chance.

Anyway, enjoy the forum.

Terra said...

Thanks bradsmith -

I love all sorts of sports but running at the moment is my most regular (to supplement and improve my mountain biking fitness - and of course for the RAAF!). I have become to love it and will go even if I feel like crap because I know I will come back feeling great!

Thanks for the forum - I will definitely have a look!